Formulation of various beverage products

The main goal in designing a product is to achieve a formulation with the best taste and quality.

Accurate and appropriate formulation is an important and fundamental element in the successful production and high sales of a product. By having a well-equipped laboratory and possessing state-of-the-art equipment and an expert and trained team, Parto Tejarat Radin is trying to provide you with creative and efficient formulations in accordance with global standards, to help you achieve the best products in World level help.

At Parto Tejarat Radin Laboratory, with a wide range of essential oils, food colors and various raw materials, we are capable of designing and producing all kinds of products, including energy drinks, carbonated and non-carbonated fruit drinks, dairy products, sweets and We own chocolate and in this way we try to design all formulations in accordance with the standards of the Food and Drug Organization and in accordance with the needs of the market.

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